Low-cost, scalable technology manages site assets.

Trimble introduced a new Construction Asset Management System that provides a complete solution for managing construction assets on and off the jobsite. It consists of the Trimble Construction Manager software and TrimTrac GPS locator or the CrossCheck GPS communicator. The system is designed to reduce project costs through enhanced asset utilization, improved safety, theft recovery, and an improved understanding of a company's onsite operations.

The Construction Asset Management System connects the office to the jobsite. It brings together all location-based information to provide an overview of the construction company's assets. The system is ideal for managing multiple construction projects simultaneously or for managing assets that may be geographically dispersed.

Trimble Construction Manager software connects to all Trimble Construction Asset Management system-enabled assets and facilitates the management of those assets from one graphical interface. Assets can be displayed on a number of different map types, including topographic maps, street maps and aerial photography. The software provides customized reporting capabilities, to address a company's unique business needs, and can be used with Microsoft Excel.

The Trimble CrossCheck communicator is designed for mobile construction assets, such as dump trucks, fuel trucks and machines. The CrossCheck combines a GPS receiver, a General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) wireless communication system, and computing capabilities in a compact yet powerful, package. In addition to providing the location of an asset, the CrossCheck can report hour and odometer information back to the office, enabling asset utilization and productivity reporting.

The TrimTrac locator is an affordable mobile tracking device for construction assets that are typically stationary, such as compressors and generators. A completely self-contained, end-user device, the TrimTrac locator is the size of a white board eraser and weighs 7.2 ounces without batteries. It is encased in a durable, lightweight, water-resistant housing. It has the capability of periodically checking its location automatically, and can send an SMS message back to the office to report its position.

The Trimble Construction Asset Management System is expected to be available in second quarter of 2005 through the Company's Construction Services dealer network.

Source: Trimble, March 15, 2005