POINT Inc. announced that comprehensive training for SOKKIA SDR Level 5 Data Collection Software is now available.

POINT Inc., providing GPS solutions for SOKKIA, announced that comprehensive training for SDR Level 5 Data Collection Software is now available. Sessions will be offered on the first Thursday of each month and will feature a combination of classroom study and hands-on field training conducted by experts from the POINT Technical Support Group. Training will take place at the POINT headquarters in Olathe, Kansas, or at a dealer-specified location. Complimentary lunch and official training guide are included.

SOKKIA's SDR Level 5 CE workflow is assembled to follow a logical field collection process. Its full functionality increases your productivity by offering topographic surveying, stakeout, roading and coordinate geometry (COGO). With SDR Level 5,the ability to switch between GPS and tsensors will save you time and money. And you 'll ensure the quality of the reading as you check the coverage of collected points using a graphical view.

The SDR Level 5 training program is available for SOKKIA GPS dealers as well as end users. All training sessions must be scheduled in advance. For more information about this program, or any of the advanced SOKKIA GPS training programs offered by POINT Inc., please contact training@point-inc.com.

Source: POINT, May 27, 2005