SJB Group Inc. received four awards from the Louisiana Society of Professional Surveyors during the 2005 Annual Meeting and Convention in Houma, Louisiana.

SJB Group received honors in the Boundary Map, the Topographic Map, the Subdivision Plat and the Miscellaneous Survey categories. The Boundary Survey measures the perimeter of a piece of property or parcel, while the Topographic Survey measures the existing elevations and improvements. The Subdivision Plat shows the arrangement of property lines, lots and other features that will occupy the site. The Miscellaneous Survey entered by SJB Group was a combined boundary and topographic survey.

SJB Group Inc. provides planning, civil engineering, land surveying, construction services, and recreational consulting services to commercial, industrial, institutional, and governmental clients throughout the Southeastern region. The company, founded in 1953, is headquartered in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, with offices in Gonzales and New Orleans, Louisiana and Jackson, Mississippi.

Source: SJB Group, June 13, 2005