NavCom's GPS Solutions are an increasingly popular choice amongst Grand Challenge Contestants competing for this year's $2 million prize.

NavCom Technology announced today that 12 of the 40 semifinalist teams competing in the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) 2005 Grand Challenge for autonomous robotic ground vehicles, are using NavCom's SF-2050 GPS receivers and relying on the superior positioning of the StarFire Network. NavCom's StarFire Network is a global satellite based augmentation system (SBAS) that provides precise positioning accuracies within a few centimeters of truth. The StarFire Network is used in land, marine and aeronautical applications in fields ranging from surveying and machine control to offshore and defense.

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is the central research and development organization for the Department of Defense (DoD). DARPA is offering a $2 million prize to the team whose unmanned robotic car is the first to complete the 150-mile off-road rugged desert course using only onboard sensors and navigation equipment to find and follow a predetermined route and avoid various obstacles. The vehicle must be fully autonomous, interpreting the world through sensors and making its own decisions about navigation, route planning, and obstacle avoidance.

Source: NavCom, June 20, 2005