Optech Incorporated announced the availability of the ILRIS Exchange Format for software developers. The ILRIS Exchange Format (IXF) will meet the strong demand of third party and application-specific software developers looking to support the ILRIS line of laser scanners. Currently unmatched in the LiDAR world, this format will support third party data sources as well as leverage the advantages of Optech's newest laser scanner, the ILRIS-36D.

Optech introduced the ILRIS-3D Laser Scanner in the mid-1990s and has continues to push the limits of the 3D laser scanner market. ILRIS-3D features a scanning range of 3 m to beyond 1,000 m and a Class 1 laser eyesafety designation in all operating conditions. Optech's newest laser scanner, the ILRIS-36D, builds on the functionality provided by the ILRIS-3D by increasing the scanner's field of view to 360° x 360°, giving it the largest field of view, longest dynamic range, highest resolution and best eyesafety rating in its class.

Source: Optech, May 23, 2005