NovaLIS Technologies and business partner Timmons Group have been selected by Goochland County, Virginia to design and implement a customized version of the NovaLIS Land Development Office.

Since 1990, the population of this rural County has increased by over twenty percent. The majority of the growth has been in the residential Eastern area of the County which is on the Western edge of the Richmond Metropolitan Area. The County's land records management system was not adequate and was causing inefficiencies in workflow. In the Spring of 2005, in order to better manage the information, Goochland County selected NovaLIS Land Development Office.

The goal of the system is to streamline planning, zoning, permitting, inspections and other related functions. The focus of the customized product will be to manage business workflow analysis, documentation of functional requirements and project management.

The entire system will be installed and integrated with other County systems, such as Planning & Zoning, Building Permits, and Assessment.

NovaLIS Land Development Office completely automates workflow practices, ensuring the consistent application of regulations, increasing staff productivity, and improving customer service. NovaLIS' land management solution combines GIS, document imaging, workflow management, parcel and application cloning, Internet browser connectivity, and relational database technology in one complete and totally integrated package.

Source: NovaLIS, June 15, 2005