A. John Lloyd, PLS, of Sewall Company, has been elected president of the MSLS.

James W. Sewall Company is pleased to announce that A. John Lloyd, PLS, has been elected president of the Maine Society of Land Surveyors (MSLS). Mr. Lloyd, who supervises survey operations and personnel at Sewall, brings to this position 16 years' surveying experience on projects throughout the northeastern and southeastern U.S. He is a professional land surveyor licensed to practice surveying in the states of Maine, Massachusetts, Kentucky, and Tennessee. Mr. Lloyd received his B.S. in Surveying Engineering from the University of Maine and is also a member of the American Congress of Surveying and Mapping, the National Society of Professional Surveyors, the Kentucky Association of Professional Surveyors, and the Tennessee Association of Professional Surveyors.

As president of the MSLS, Mr. Lloyd will dedicate time and effort to promoting surveying as a profession and will support surveying education within the state. Mr. Lloyd also plans to utilize the Internet as a communications and educational tool for surveying professionals within Maine. The Internet will also serve as a means to heighten public awareness of the wide variety of services Maine surveyors provide.

The MSLS is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the improvement and enrichment of the profession of land surveying in the state of Maine. With a membership of approximately 350 surveyors, the Society sponsors local and statewide conferences for the exchange of technical information and scholarships to promote surveying education in Maine.

Established in 1880 as a surveying and engineering firm, Sewall celebrates 125 years in business this year. Founded by two engineers in Old Town, Maine, the company has grown from a local company into a national consulting firm with 175 employees, four offices in Maine, New York, Kentucky, and North Carolina, and broad offerings in aerial photography, spatial information services, forestry, and engineering.

Source: Sewall, Feb. 24, 2005