Pictometry International Corp., provider of a patented information system that captures digital, aerial oblique and orthogonal images as well as related software, announced that Rock Island County, IL has become the first county in the state of Illinois to implement the company's software and imaging database in its E9-1-1 Dispatching Center.

The first phase of the installation that links the location coordinates from inbound calls displayed on the county's mapping solution to aerial images from Pictometry of the inbound caller location is complete. The result is a visual display for county 9-1-1 call takers that shows not only a map of the caller's location, but also high-resolution, oblique (at an angle) images that show the incident area from multiple sides.

Pictometry's software enables public safety agencies and 9-1-1 call takers to easily access up to 12 different views of any property, building, highway, or other feature in a county. The software also enables users to create measurements such as distance, height, elevation, and area, directly from the oblique imagery as well as insert GIS content and other data.

Source: Pictometry, Feb. 7, 2005