Merrick & Company announced a new contract with the Tallahassee-Leon County Interlocal GIS Organization (TLC GIS) (Tallahassee, Florida). Merrick will obtain new aerial photography, create color digital orthophotography, and update planimetric and topographic data. Awarded in February 2005, the City will receive final delivery in December 2005.

"This year, our incremental update will cover 165 square miles in the north/northeast area of Leon County. We plan to update a portion of our 700 square mile service jurisdiction each year," states Greg Mauldin, Project Manager and GIS Coordinator. The basemap updates are planned in conjunction with information that is derived from the City and County jurisdiction permit processing and subdivision review processes. "We use this information to identify areas of highest need and plan our basemap updates accordingly," explains Hartsfield. "Our work is generated by an integration of GIS into the business processes of the City and County. We plan and leverage our data for maximum return on investment," concludes Hartsfield.

Source: Merrick & Co., Feb. 16, 2005