Weekly update

SurveyorCentral.com, a leading Internet land surveying destination for commerce, community and knowledge, announced that it has been named the CADwire's feature site of the week. SurveyorCentral delivers a convenient, personalized, and informed professional experience. The industry leader in disseminating critical information about CAD technology, the CADwire has become the site of choice for professionals seeking CAD knowledge.

“SurveyorCentral.com was chosen based on its high quality content, design, and potential value to our users,” said Rick Stavanja, editor of the CADwire.

“We are very honored to be recognized by the CADwire,'' said Laurance Milov President and CEO of Applications Gateway, the owners of Surveyorcentral.com. “These types of awards reflect our commitment to offer a consistent and superior professional Internet experience for all our customers while insuring the highest quality of commerce, content and community.”