Principal work items: lump sum contractor testing; lump sum soil erosion control; lump sum watering for dust control; removal of cement/asphalt (various); 246,000 m3 roadway excavation; 1,450 m riprap ditch, class 2; 800 m riprap ditch, class 3; 22,350 metric tons aggregate base; 9,650 metric tons hot asphalt concrete pavement, class A, grade C, type 2; 1,700 metric tons open graded asphalt; 1,960 m2 fiber reinforced colored Portland cement; 2,900 m cleaning and scale joints; 100,000 m2 weathering agent; 225 m3 concrete; 800 m (various) pipe culvert; 170 m structural-plate pipe along with associated surveying, staking, fencing, seeding and traffic control. Contact A and D DRAFT-AID (303) 573-5757, FAX (303) 573-8714; E-mail: