A daily question facing contractors and do-it-yourselfers is how does one person use a tape measure designed for two people. IDEAL has the answer. Its new MAG-TAPE 25-foot measuring tape features a magnetic tip that sticks to metal surfaces for fast, hassle-free one-person measurements. No more "I'll hold and you measure." The MAG-TAPE's tip acts as a second person, gripping tightly onto steel or iron.

Further enhancing the value of the MAG-TAPE is its thick rubber boot. It provides the user with a non-slip grasp, while also protecting the case from harmful drops. In addition, a built-in stopper absorbs the impact of the returning tape to prevent the case from being damaged.

The MAG-TAPE's nylon-coated steel blade maximizes the life of the tool by being resistant to abrasion and rust. The blade graphics are oversized to enhance readability. Smooth retraction is assured due to a strong spring.

Source: IDEAL Industries, Jan. 20, 2004