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In response to a growing interest in digital levels for POBreaders,POBhas worked with the prominent industry manufacturers to provide you more information. For more specifications, visit the websites listed under each entry.

Leica Geosystems

Leica Geosystems DNA10 and DNA03 digital levels cover the entire range of applications from the construction site to the 1st order leveling tasks. The DNA10, with standard deviation of 0.9 mm per km double run, is suitable for cadastral and technical leveling. The DNA03, with standard deviation of 0.3 mm per km double run, is ideal for 1st and 2nd order leveling and high-precision measurements.

The DNA10 and DNA03 feature large, bright eight-line displays and alphanumeric keypads with menu-prompted functionality adapted from Leica's popular TPS700 series total stations. The "Measure and Record" function allows the operator to measure height differences and perform line leveling and stakeouts quickly and accurately. Cap-tured data can be automatically transferred to a PC via a PCMCIA card or a direct RS232 connection.

Sokkia Corporation

The Sokkia SDL30m is an efficient digital level designed primarily for height and elevation measurement. Used on several major projects worldwide, the SDL30m delivers superior accuracy, precision and range. Using Sokkia's patented RAB-Code (RAndom Bi-directional) rod, Sokkia SDL30m has an accuracy of 0.6 mm (invar rod; 1.0 mm with fiberglass staff) on a 1 km level loop. Measurements are made with the touch of a single key. The Sokkia SDL30m has onboard memory, user-automated calibration routines and data collector interface, and is an effective tool for monitoring and recording elevations, construction staking, foundation layout and any other project where speed and accuracy are required.


Topcon's DL-101C and DL-102C digital levels use the exclusive Advanced Image Processing (AIP) Technology, which guarantees the highest accuracy digital measurement and makes the DL-100 series ideal for high precision applications including performing 1st and 2nd order leveling and deformation monitoring. The DL-101C and DL-102C have two levels of accuracy (0.4 mm/1.0 mm) and store up to 8,000 points in the system's 256K internal memory or to a memory card through the standard PCMCIA slot. A data collector can also be connected to the DL Series RS232 port for differential leveling. The DL-103/103AF is designed to provide the user with advanced digital level performance at a value price. The DL-103AF incorporates auto-focus technology to improve measurement speed and accuracy.


Forget those data transfer hassles! The Trimble DiNi series of digital levels records precise digital measurements in as little as three seconds, avoiding human error and maintaining data integrity. It then stores measurements for easy transfer to Trimble office software or to other design packages. The graphic interface and alphanumeric keyboard make carrying out surveying tasks a breeze. The rugged DiNi is built to last in tough jobsite conditions, and can measure with just 30 cm of staff visible. The DiNi is part of the Trimble surveying solution offering technological innovation that will maximize user efficiency, productivity and profitability.