NIIRS10 Inc. announced that Martin Flood has joined the company as general manager of the company's new Canadian office, located in Toronto, Ontario. Mr. Flood will be responsible for the management and expansion of NIIRS10's Canadian operations, as well as providing strategic support to GeoCue clients in the United States. Mr. Flood will also be taking the lead role in expanding NIIRS10's Professional Services practice. The Professional Services group within NIIRS10 provides business analysis, operational planning, technology deployment and support services to firms seeking to implement best practices and improve production efficiency when deploying advanced geospatial technology, such as lidar, across their organizations.

Flood is well-known in the LiDAR sector as an industry analyst specializing in the emerging market for commercial laser remote sensing (lidar) technology. Over the past decade Flood has worked with various firms in the industry as a strategic business advisor and has held senior management positions at several commercial lidar firms, most recently serving as Managing Director (Americas) for TerraImaging b.v. He is a member of the American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ASPRS) and is the current Chair of the ASPRS Lidar Technical Committee. He has served as a NASA Peer Reviewer for laser remote sensing and sits on the Board of Advisors for the Canadian Consortium for LiDAR Environmental Applications Research.

NIIRS10 provides software tools and total consulting services for migrating geospatial production systems from workstation-centric to enterprise solutions. NIIRS10's GeoCue product line provides a corporate-wide framework for integrating existing production tools into a multi-user, controlled production environment. NIIRS10 has a focus on reducing the cost and improving the quality of geospatial production processes.

Source: NIIRS10 Inc., April 8, 2005