With MobileMapper Pro, workers can now differentially correct data in the office to achieve 70 cm accuracy on baselines up to 50 km.

Thales introduced MobileMapper Pro, a GPS-based GIS data collector with sub-meter post processing. MobileMapper Pro combines sub-meter post-processing with a cost-effective and easy-to-use GIS mapping solution.

With MobileMapper Pro, workers will continue to secure 2-3 meter real-time accuracy in the field, but can now differentially correct data in the office to achieve 70 cm accuracy on baselines up to 50 kilometers. At $1,750 in the U.S., one-third the cost of competing systems, direct download capability and consumer-like usability, MobileMapper Pro will be of particular interest to users in forestry, agriculture, natural resources, utilities and government who want low-cost, speed, convenience and sub-meter accuracy for their asset management and field mapping.

Post-processing with MobileMapper Pro does not compromise the renowned ease-of-use of MobileMapper. Sub-meter accuracy is delivered at the click of a button. The Office software provided with MobileMapper Pro automatically identifies the field and base station files and can even search the Internet for suitable base station data.

MobileMapper Pro continues to offer powerful yet easy-to-use features such as:

  • Point, line and area mapping.
  • Expandable, removable SD card memory for reliable data transfer to and from the office.
  • Power from AA batteries for maximum convenience.
  • Offset measurement for all feature types including point, line and area eliminates the need to physically occupy a feature; simply input the distance and bearing to the feature.
  • Nesting of data that allows the collection of additional features while mapping a line or area. For example, map the entire street infrastructure while collecting a road centerline.
  • A virtual grid for sampling data evenly throughout an area. For example, sampling the degree of weed infestation throughout a field.

Source: Thales, April 13, 2005