Intergraph's DMC enables high-quality, digital aerial technology and quick accurate production of images.

Intergraph Mapping and Geospatial Solutions announced Aerophotogrammetry and Remote Sensing Bureau of China Coal (ARSC) has purchased Intergraph's Z/I Imaging DMC (Digital Mapping Camera) to meet the growing demand for high-quality imagery. Using the DMC, ARSC will transform its photogrammetry production to a fully digital workflow, enhancing image quality and accuracy and speeding image production. ARSC is a leading, government-owned photogrammetric firm, which supplies imagery to the China National Administration of Coal Geology as well as other government agencies.

ARSC chose the DMC due to fast processing time and its ability to deliver high-quality imagery.

The DMC captures imagery with proven ground resolutions as small as 11/2 inches per pixel. Imagery acquired with the DMC maintains its initial high geometric and radiometric quality throughout each stage of the project lifecycle - mission planning, sensor management, photogrammetric production and client/server image management, storage and distribution. Another design feature of the DMC is its ability to collect aerial frame photography in panchromatic, color and color infrared bands simultaneously. This allows three separate, high-resolution end products - black and white, pan-sharpened color and false-color infrared - to be generated from a single airborne data set.

Source: Intergraph, March 28, 2005