Contractors now able to track, report, validate and control workflow from receipt of initial designs to project completion.

Trimble announced the Trimble Site Positioning System that is designed to provide contractors with a state-of-the-art construction positioning solution. The system includes a new total station, two new Global Positioning System (GPS) receivers, and construction-centric software for heavy and highway construction applications.

The Trimble Site Positioning System offers the contractor the option of selecting total station or GPS technology for positioning and measuring on the jobsite. Contractors can select the Trimble SPS700 Total Station, the SPS780 GPS Smart Antenna, or the SPS770 GPS modular receiver. At the heart of the system is the SCS900 Site Controller software, version 1.2, which can be operated in the field on either the TCU or TSCe controllers and the SCS Data Manager office software.

The Site Positioning System is designed to provide the contractor with the tools for tracking, reporting, validating and controlling workflow from the receipt of initial designs to the completion of as-built measurements on a jobsite. Specifically, the system is engineered to deliver day-to-day functionality such as onsite surface modeling, volume computations, rapid site measurement from vehicles and trucks, real-time stakeout with cut and fill checks anywhere on the jobsite, and the ability to validate, check and distribute data to machines on the jobsite.

The Site Positioning System family of products includes:
Trimble SPS700 Total Station
This new cable-free, state-of-the art total station incorporates advanced hardware features that provide faster lock on to targets, reduced errors and long-range reflectorless measurement of stockpiles, rock faces, cuttings, embankments, hard-to-reach and/or dangerous locations.
Trimble SPS780 GPS Smart Antenna
The high-accuracy smart antenna offers an easy-to-use, wide area measurement system that uses GPS satellite signals to compute its exact location. Well-suited for working in open spaces, the SPS780 is an ideal tool for earthworks stakeout, site stakeout operations and grade and materials thickness-checking applications.

Trimble SPS770 GPS Receiver
The SPS770 GPS receiver is a multi-purpose system for real-time construction applications. Its modular design allows the user to secure the base receiver and provides the ability to raise the radio antenna for better range. The SPS770 can be permanently installed for vehicle or base station operations, or pole mounted and used with SCS900 Site Controller Software for site positioning and measurement.
Trimble SCS900 Site Controller Software Version 1.2
The latest version of the SCS900 software is designed for easy stakeout right in the field and easy computation of cut/fill values. A "light bar" display that works just like a laser receiver shows elevation, design elevation and the cut/fill values and map. Additionally, the software can record simple stockpiles or complex progress volumes. The SCS900 allows a user to measure a surface, create and edit a model, check the contour, and compute the volume all on site, immediately after the measurement.

The Trimble Site Positioning System is expected to be available in the second quarter 2005 through Trimble's Construction Division dealer network.

Source: Trimble, March 15, 2005