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Dinli offers refined smaller ATVs. With the Helix 150 small enough for a young adult and large enough for an adult, it is perfect for loading and unloading. Its size and versatility will not only get the job done, but also leave space in the truck or trailer for the other tools needed. The Helix 150 uses a four-stroke motor and a fully automatic transmission, making it easy for all riders to operate. With a MSRP of $2,599, it is affordable for all crews.

John Deere

The John Deere Gator TX gives customers a higher standard of performance than the previous generation of Gators, offering higher speeds (top ground speed of 20 mph) more power, improved braking capabilities, increased payload and enhanced operator comfort. The Gator TX is equipped with the new 401cc Kawasaki FJ400 engine, all-wheel hydraulic disc brakes, a 44-inch-long cargo box with a 600-pound capacity and an overall 1,000-pound payload/towing capacity. The all-wheel suspension and a 3 inch longer wheelbase enhance ride quality.

These versatile machines offer more than 30 different attachments, which include enclosed cabs, work lights, 72-inch blades, various hitches and brush guard.


The Prairie 360 4x4 is a mid-size ATV with advanced four-wheel-drive system, smooth-riding chassis and dependable four-stroke engine. Power for the Prairie 360 comes from an air-cooled, single cylinder, four-stroke engine displacing 362cc and is then transferred through Kawasaki's continuously variable transmission (CVT).

The Prairie 360 utilizes dependable shaft drive and gives the rider the added benefit of selectable four-wheel-drive operation. It also features a large comfortable saddle and full-sized floor boards with adjustable footpegs for maximum comfort. Plus, steel front and rear cargo racks can carry a combined weight of 242 pounds. The Prairie 360 includes powerful dual halogen headlights, and a standard hitch bracket allows the Prairie 360 4x4 to tow 1,100 pounds.


Since its establishment in 1994, Longchang has been striving to produce high quality products for domestic and overseas consumers. Longchang initiated ATV production in 1999; now it has introduced the utility 250 ATV. The 250 has five gearshift with reverse. It is a powerful, firm, heavy-duty vehicle with its dual rear shock absorber and strong climbing capacity.


With a 700cc twin cylinder engine and the industry's first electronic fuel injection system in a utility vehicle, Polaris' 2006 RANGER XP offers amazing performance and response, as well as a smooth ride-making it ideal for land surveyors. It delivers a unique, high-performance ride characterized by: 44 mph top speed; 29% more acceleration than the RANGER 4x4; payload of 1,500 lbs; towing capacity of 1,750 lbs; 150% more covered storage; superior power and starting with anywhere, anytime capability; and automatic power compensation for heat, cold, humidity and altitude.

The RANGER XP is a powerful, versatile vehicle that will go anywhere, haul anything and carry tools and equipment easily with PURE Polaris Lock & Ride accessories. The 2006 RANGER XP delivers key components requested by surveyors, sports and recreation, farm, hunting and utility buyers.


Suzuki's flagship ATV, the 2006 Suzuki KingQuad 700, features both functional and sporting features. For 2006, the KingQuad will be sporting new black wheels and will also be available in a new camouflage paint scheme. The KingQuad 700 is powered by a single-cylinder liquid-cooled DOHC engine with a bore-and-stroke of 102 mm x 85 mm-displacing 695cc. The KingQuad 700 has the ultimate power-delivery drivetrain and transmission with three drive modes available: two-wheel drive, four-wheel drive and front differential-locked four-wheel drive. Suzuki QuadMatic transmission is a continuously variable transmission (CVT), which uses a durable V-belt and centrifugal clutch for fully automatic operation. Powerful front and rear brake systems help smoothly slow the KingQuad 700.


TerraTrack introduced the all-new RangeRunner All-Terrain Work Vehicle. This exclusively designed vehicle features durable twin rubber tracks providing 1,650 square inches of ground contact. RangeRunner is capable of safely transporting surveying personnel and cargo over all types of terrain while maintaining a ground pressure at or below 1 psi.

Available in either 34 horsepower gas or turbo-charged diesel, this hydraulically controlled utility vehicle combines superior traction with precise maneuverability. A single T-handle controls the vehicle's speed, steering and braking.