The new John Deere 844J Wheel Loader provides strong engine and hydraulic power and smooth shifting.

The new John Deere 844J Wheel Loader provides strong engine and hydraulic power, smooth shifting and numerous other features that translate into tremendous performance and productivity.

The Deere-designed and -manufactured wheel loader is built to be durable and deliver optimal performance and productivity for a seven-yard machine, according to David O'Keeffe, product marketing manager, John Deere Construction & Forestry Company. "This seven-yard loader is packed with the same John Deere customer-driven features that are typical of our J-Series machines," he said.

The 844J is powered by an efficient, electronically controlled, 12.5-liter John Deere PowerTech diesel engine. The engine features wet-sleeve cylinder liners for exceptional engine cooling. The exclusive Quad-Cool system with proportional fan drive delivers best-in-class cooling performance. The system features a large area of pre-screening air inlets and large fin spacing for coolers so debris passes through. Quad-Cool features an optional reversing fan to further enhance cleanout and cooling performance. The 844J also provides best-in-class access to both sides of the coolers for easier cleanout.

A key feature of the 844J is its Deere Powershift transmission, which provides smart shift technology. By continuously sensing speeds and loads, and adjusting clutch pressures accordingly, the transmission delivers smooth shifts without any delay, resulting in best-in-class shift quality.

The 844J possesses heavy-duty outboard planetary axles with open differential (standard) and limited slip (option) available. The braking system is comprised of outboard wet multi-disc brakes that self-adjust for wear to maintain excellent response. The sealed, wet disc park brake is spring applied and hydraulically released.

Like the other J-Series machines, the work station was designed to deliver convenience and smooth control. A robust solid state electrical distribution system features a sealed-switch module for the operator interface that is designed to deliver maximum durability for the life of the machine. Boom kick-out and return-to-carry are electronically adjusted from the sealed-switch module in the cab. The dash is fully programmable to allow the operator to view operating information, customize machine functions to the application, and display diagnostic codes. The 844J features excavator-style hydraulics for crisp, responsive power. The fingertip controls are comfortable and easy to use, and an optional steering system is available that includes an electronic joystick with FNR controls in the left armrest. The arm and wrist rest is ergonomically designed for maximum comfort, and a fully adjustable seat reduces operator fatigue.

Standard ride-control further smoothes the ride, allowing operators to move faster around the worksite. This effect is delivered by hydraulic cushioning that reduces rocking and softens the impact of sudden stops, keeping the material in the bucket and the operator more comfortable.

As with the rest of the Deere loader line-up, easy serviceability is an advantage that allows the customer to be up and running quickly. All daily service checks are grouped at ground level on the left side of the machine. Also provided are sight gauges for quick daily fluid level checks, sampling ports, grease banks, ground-level access to oil filters, a swing-out rear grille, and four swing-out, side-shield doors. These features ensure that the 844J can be properly serviced in less time.

Source: John Deere, March 16, 2005