RTK-StarFire Solutions from NavCom and the TRIAXYS GPS Buoy from AXYS prove a winning combination in providing high precision water level monitoring buoys to NAVOCEANO.

NavCom Technology, a wholly owned subsidiary of Deere & Company, announced that a team of AXYS Technologies, NavCom Technology and ITS Corporation (ITS), prime contractor under the General Services Administration's (GSA) ANSWER Contract, have been selected by the Naval Oceanographic Office (NAVOCEANO) to further deploy its RTK-StarFire solution with the development of an RTK-StarFire GPS Buoy system.

NavCom's implementation of Solid Earth Tide Corrections into their GPS software algorithm was instrumental in providing real-time, accurate water elevation data from the buoy system and essential in meeting NAVOCEANO's requirements. The TRIAXYS GPS buoys equipped with NavCom GPS receivers are able to measure water levels for hydrographic surveys providing up to 30 centimeters of improved vertical accuracy depending on latitude and solar and lunar cycles. In addition to increased accuracies, these buoys will reduce the need of installing land referenced tide gauges.

Source: NavCom, March 1, 2005