Quantapoint Inc. released PRISM 3D 5.0 software for managing, sharing and extracting critical information from as-built laser documentation using patented interactive 3D visualization technology from NGRAIN. PRISM 3D provides customers with a single, comprehensive repository in which to store highly accurate, consistent and detailed facility information. Using NGRAIN technology, PRISM 3D allows users to view the data as interactive and photo-realistic 3D laser models, making it easier to find and extract desired information. Before implementing costly changes, designers can import proposed facility design modification plans into their as-built documentation in the form of CAD models to help visualize proposed changes for design and constructability reviews. This results in more accurate and faster design and review cycles, and easier information sharing with team members not using CAD. (Quantapoint, Pittsburgh, Pa.)(NGRAIN, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)