Prosurv LLC announces the release of the all new Pocket Quads.NET software for the Pocket PC. Completely re-written using the Microsoft .NET platform, Pocket Quads.NET supports devices running the .NET Compact Framework, including Windows Mobile 2003SE (Second Edition) devices and .NET Handheld devices.

Unique in the industry, Pocket Quads.NET is the only software that incorporates real-time GPS positioning on full-size Topo Quad maps and works with all 3 major map scales, including 1:24,000, 1:100,000, and 1:250,000 scale maps. Pocket Quads.NET lets surveyors pre-load dozens, hundreds, or even 1000 full size quad sheets on a Pocket PC or memory card, so they're never without the one they need. Instead of having to pre-load an area of a map needed for a job site, Pocket Quads.NET comes with Prosurv Imaging software for the PC that can batch process dozens of entire Topo maps at one time. The surveyor only needs to process the topo maps once.

With Prosurv Pocket Quads.NET, users can have access to all the Topo Quad maps for an entire State, at their fingertips on a Pocket PC. A 1GB Compact Flash card can easily store over 300 full-size Quad maps. With 8GB CF Cards now available, it's possible to have an entire State's set of topo maps on one card, when processed with Prosurv Imaging.

With Pocket Quads.NET, users simply turn on the GPS receiver and the correct Quad is loaded automatically. The software auto-centers and auto-tracks as the surveyor walks or drives, changing Quads based on the GPS position. If a 1:24,000 (7.5' USGS) Quad for the current position isn't found, Pocket Quads.NET will automatically load the 1:100,000 or 1:250,000 scale maps instead.

Pocket Quads.NET allows users to switch on-the-fly between the 3 different scale maps. The software allows the selection of a Job zone that is different than the image zone. For example, the Job Zone can be set as Wyoming West Central (NAD83) while working with an image that's (automatically) defined as UTM 12 (based on the georeference file). The collected coordinates will then be in Wyoming West Central SPC. GPS data, including Job zone coordinates, image zone coordinates and lat/long are displayed in either a small-text view or Big View (large text). A window shows a view of acquired satellites. Surveyors can record points by time or distance intervals with a descriptor and attributes that automatically record the date and time. A code list can be uploaded to the software for easy selection of codes.

Users can tap the screen to create a point or annotation. The point is stored in the Job file and displayed on the topo image. The point can be staked out by tapping or entering the point name or number. Stakeout (Navigation) displays the Azimuth/Distance, or Bearing/Distance, or Go North and Go East amounts. An arrow indicates the direction to go and is based either on North or on Movement (user selection). Stakeout can be either To the point or From the point. Users can stake to either the GPS position when the screen was tapped, or to the coordinates of the tapped position. The software allows Importing a standard points file. The points are plotted on the image automatically, and can also be used for stakeout. Recorded data can be exported as an .asc text file, and contains over a dozen fields, including Lat/Long, Elevation, Northing, Easting, tapped Northing, tapped Easting and more. The database itself is Microsoft Access compatible. A 'Breadcrumb' trail is displayed as surveyors walk or drive, showing the traveled route. GPS Points can be recorded by time or distance intervals. In addition to writing text on the image (using annotations), the user can draw lines on the image as well. Distances between points or between screen taps can be displayed just by tapping. Point data can be viewed by tapping the point, or, view all of the points record by record. Points can be entered directly by Northing & Easting, or by Latitude & Longitude, in DMS or decimal. 10 layers are available for determining what is plotted on the image. A GPS data test function allows the user to simulate a GPS using a simple Latitude,Longitude text file. Prosurv Pocket Quads.NET is the perfect companion in the field for performing recon of survey monuments. Simply tap the screen at the section corner, as displayed on the image, and navigate to the point. Prosurv Pocket Quads.NET works with virtually any NMEA compatible GPS receiver, and has auto-connect capability. A 30 day trial is available at Or call toll-free at 888-647-9500.

Source: ProSurv, Jan. 27, 2005