Topcon now offers a powerful indicate control system for excavators. 3Dxi enables contractors to achieve significant increases in excavation productivity with the same 3D GPS+ system already available for dozers, graders, and scrapers. It features Topcon's popular 3D display/control box and rugged MC-A1 antenna - the same components found in Topcon's fully automated systems.

Topcon's 3Dxi provides the operator with all the information needed to expedite excavation tasks. The 3DMC software displays real time movement of the bucket, stick, boom, and entire machine. Plan, profile, and section views can be selected singly or in combination to suit individual preferences. The scrolling cut / fill "tape" provides instant visual recognition of the bucket's relation to planned grade. Other features include a new graphical Machine Builder just for excavators, and the ability to store up to six bucket configurations. Topcon's GPS+ technology ensures maximum productivity with access to both GPS and GLONASS satellites.

Source: Topcon, Jan. 3, 2005