This new project of Topographic's includes GIS software, base map data layers, a GPS handheld unit and onsite training.

Topographic Mapping Company has put together a set of mapping components called the GIS Starter Kit. This new project of Topographic's includes Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software, base map data layers, a Global Positioning System (GPS) handheld unit, and onsite training. It is ideal for landmen, small to mid-sized oil and gas companies, small communities, rural counties, or agencies with tight budgets that can make daily activities more efficient with GIS.

The idea of the GIS Starter Kit came from Tom Miller, Topographic Mapping Company's project manager. Tom deals with many people who inquire about GIS and GPS technology but do not have the funding to invest thousands of dollars in equipment, software, data, and training. Now, everything needed to view, analyze, and edit detailed maps with attribute information can be purchased for less than one thousand dollars.

One of the best features about the GIS Starter Kit is that each order is customized to the client's geographic area of interest. A favorite feature is the GPS receiver that is included. The GPS receiver will allow the user to capture asset locations such as fire hydrants, valves, or manholes and then download these points into the GIS where they will overlay the base maps. Simple prints with vital information can be made for field operators and emergency crews use for finding precise locations as needed.

GIS and GPS have been around for many years, but now Topographic extends these technologies to many who before could not afford them. Topographic companies provide geographic information and services to the Midwest region. With headquarters in Oklahoma City, the firm also maintains offices in Midland, Pampa, and San Antonio, Texas.

Source: Topographic, Feb. 2005