Traverse PC Inc. released TPC Desktop V8.5. The TPC Desktop series comes in three surveying editions: personal ($799), premium ($1,299) and professional ($1,799). TPC V8.5 builds on the No CAD Zone and Universal Map Sharing of previous versions. New features include: user-defined point symbols; italics, bold-italics, underlined, strike-through text; drag-n-drop panning; point code aliasing; one-button file sharing option; user-defined raw data import/export; word wrap options in views; color-coded cuts/fills for volumes; select COGO points from Quick View; and user-defined closed loop tolerance. V8.5 also exports MS Excel CSV files from any view and reads DWG attributes. TPC V8.5 improves many existing features, offering 32 drawings per survey, better zoom retention, faster contours and volumes (10,000 points/sec), optional borders and toggle on/off break lines. V8.5 also features TDS RAW file support (for Rangers and Recons), stakeout report, DWG text placement and Point View sorts on any column. (Traverse PC, Florence, Ore.)