Quarry Hills Associates in Boston, Mass., had a tough job ahead of them: reshaping what was once a landfill and an eyesore into a recreational mecca with a beautiful golf course. Their ace in the hole? Hertz Equipment Rental of Boston and its large fleet of John Deere machinery.

Located almost eight miles south of downtown Boston and adjacent to the 7,000-acre Blue Hills Reservation and the Boston and Quincy harbors, the 259-acre recreational complex offered a beautiful setting and fantastic views. It also provided plenty of challenges. Initially backfilled to depths of ten to 60 feet, with dirt trucked onsite, it was capped with 12 inches of Boston Blue Clay-like icing on a cake-before the building and sculpting of fairways and greens could begin.

It was critically important that the right machine be on the job when it was needed. Enter Hertz and John Deere, a combination that offered the range of power and performance-as well as reliability-that Quarry Hills was seeking. Machines in use on the site include John Deere 550, 650 and 750 Crawler Dozers; 270C LC and 330C LC Excavators; 30-ton articulated dump trucks; John Deere loaders and 410G Backhoes.

Shaping a golf course on top of clay is a very technical job, but the John Deere equipment is handling it well.

Service also was a key to winning the Quarry Hills contract. Hertz worked together with Schmidt Equipment, the John Deere dealer in North Oxford, Mass., to deliver service and parts availability that's second to none.

Source: John Deere, Aug. 23, 2005