The scope of services for this contract is for hydrologic analysis/modeling services throughout the state of Louisiana, with emphasis on coastal marshes. The selected firm will be provided with a general description of the project features and background. Included within these services will be one or more of the following work items for a given project: 1. Existing Data Compilation - This item shall include the identification, compilation, review, and evaluation of any existing pertinent data to determine its utility for the implementation of a hydrologic study of the given project area. Examples of data that may be needed include existing water level, siphon discharge, salinity, rainfall, wind, topography, bathymetry, etc. NRCS will approve any data to be used in the subsequent analysis. 2.Additional Data Collection This item shall include field collection of additional data if determined to be necessary by NRCS and the contractor. 3. Hydrologic Analysis / Model Selection - This item will consist of the formulation of a report detailing the proposed method for performing a hydrologic study of the project area. The methodology will contain, at a minimum, the formulas and rationale used for a mathematical simulation and/or a description of the software used for a model. The report will justify the method selected and explain why it was determined to be the most appropriate method. 4. Hydrologic Analysis / Model Setup NRCS will provide questions to be answered by the hydrologic analysis/model. The contractor will identify and provide rationale for all parameters, including assumptions used for geometric setup, boundary configuration and data input. Setup criteria will be approved by NRCS before calibration begins. 5. Hydrologic Analysis / Model Calibration Calibration shall be performed to reasonably assure that the assumptions, setup parameters, and methodology used for the analysis is capable of simulating observed responses. An acceptable level of accuracy, to be determined upon model selection, shall be attained before applying scenarios. 6. Hydrologic Analysis / Model Scenarios This item shall include the simulation of specific scenarios for the given project area. NRCS will provide guidance regarding project boundaries, scenarios and time frames for which the analysis will be performed. 7. Hydrologic Analysis / Model Results This item shall consist of the formulation of a report which contains the following: a. A narrative of tasks 1-6 of this project description, to include all calculations and documentation used to support the model conclusions. b. A GIS map showing the project area, project features and any data locations used for the simulation. c. A narrative and graphics of the results of the scenarios evaluated. d. This report shall be sealed by a Professional Engineer. Contact Ralph Broome, Contracting Officer at (318) 473-7781; E-mail: