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Strison Wireless Systems, Greensboro, N.C., announced the Cell-Alert CA-2000 Wireless Internet Telemetry Remote Transmitting Unit. The Cell-Alert CA-2000 uses a new, revolutionary wireless data transmission technology that sends digital data packets from remote locations through an underutilized channel on existing cellular towers throughout the entire North American continent. The Cell-Alert CA-2000 remote transmitting unit has six analog/digital inputs, two counter inputs and one relay output for connection to sensors and other field equipment. A real-time clock manages power consumption for solar power applications. The unit’s internal keyboard/display is mounted in a sealed enclosure for installation in harsh environments. Up to 30K of logged data can be retrieved onsite via PC. All transmitted data is received via Internet by the Strison Wireless Systems back office for storage and processing. Users receive daily reports via E-mail and alarm messages via E-mail and pager.