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Lorijen Software, Osijek, Croatia, Europe, released ImageSTOR, new software for spatial raster compression and management. Available for ArcView extension, ImageSTOR is a database system for efficient storage, management and fast access to large raster datasets. Through efficient compression, display speed improvements and strong image management features it greatly improves the efficiency of typical GIS workflow that involves raster data. Image data can be stored using ImageSTOR Server, custom built TCP/IP client-server system, or any other existing database through ODBC technology. Database architecture provides efficient raster caching, network traffic reduction, centralized storage of all spatial data and flexible management of raster assets.

Data is stored in highly compressed, multi-resolution format that enables instantaneous display of any required part of any image, in any resolution. Inside ImageSTOR database raster data is organized in catalogs, groups of spatially connected images. Image catalogs are then used as single units for display in ImageSTOR or external applications (ArcView).

Additional features include:

  • local and server-side raster caching: available memory is used to minimize disk access and repeated image decompression
  • security features
  • flexible image extraction from database into standard file formats
  • image transparency support
  • metadata support: use keywords to search for specific image or catalog
  • easy creation of trial or demo raster databases (with expiration data, image extracting disabled or limited number of concurrent users).

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