Bricsnet, Wakefield, Mass., released Bricsnet Architecturals 2.0, advanced parametric modeling software for AutoCAD or IntelliCAD. Architecturals 2.0 boosts creativity and productivity by allowing building professionals to quickly create and modify complex 3-D buildings and automatically obtain cost estimations, quantity take-offs and 2-D engineering drawings.

Bricsnet Architecturals 2.0 enables AutoCAD users to migrate from a traditional 2D-oriented workflow to a 3D building design approach, while maintaining compatibility with their data and applications. Instead of drawing using lines and arcs, architects can now directly create complex 3D structures by combining volumes that represent walls, slabs, roofs and openings. Drawings with different levels of detail, depending on the drawing scale or target audience, are automatically updated after a change to the model. This intelligent modeling not only frees designers from tedious work but also avoids errors that come from working with outdated drawings.

Bricsnet Architecturals 2.0 includes many user-driven enhancements. Several region-specific libraries with standard wall definitions, doors, windows and stairs are provided to reduce setup time. All attributes such as materials, cost items and style definitions are now stored in the Internet standard XML (extensible markup language) format to facilitate integration with e-commerce, cost estimating and other enterprise applications. The drag-and-drop of 3D objects from e-catalogs has been enhanced to support associated specification texts, costing rules and facilities management information. Other enhancements include advanced hidden line and sectioning tools, new alignment and placement tools and support for expressions and parameters to specify geometry and attributes. It offers native support for DWG and enables customization and integration with other systems using Microsoft COM and Visual Basic.