ASPRS President Karen Schuckman has appointed three new members to the ASPRS Foundation Board of Trustees. The newly appointed trustees are Bryan Logan, President, EarthData Holdings, Washington, DC; Marilyn O'Cuilinn, President, E. Coyote Enterprises, Inc., Mineral Wells, Texas; and Bernard Schur, President, Aero-Metric, Inc., Sheboygan, Wisconsin. This brings the total number of trustees to six.

The ASPRS Foundation has an extensive and broadly-based program that provides grants, scholarships, loans and other forms of aid to individuals or organizations pursuing knowledge of imaging and geospatial information science and technology, and their applications across the scientific, governmental, and commercial sectors.

The Foundation Board of Trustees has a clearly stated short-term goal of fully endowing all existing ASPRS awards and scholarships. The current estimate is that approximately $500,000 will be required to reach that interim goal. The Foundation balance was approximately $150,000 as of June 2005. -- MORE -- ASPRS strongly supports the Foundation's goals, and the Board of Direction has specifically set aside funds from the Society's reserves, totaling $80,000 to date, to match individual ASPRS member and Region contributions to the Foundation.

Source: ASPRS, Sept. 12, 2005