Carlson Software released Carlson Survey 2006. The new version offers a complete survey solution with the added bonus of contouring, volumes and basic profile entry and drafting. It is fully compatible with AutoCAD 2004, 2005 and 2006 drawings. New features include: annotation overlap avoidance; a lot file inspector that shows lot data in real-time as users move inside lot perimeters; new level note and total station raw data processing options with more flexible reporting and graphics; a quick profile command with real-time drag and update; and a complete project archive and recall command for saving all project files in one zip file. There are more annotation options, more polyline utilities (e.g., remove duplicate polylines, erase by closed polyline, etc.), more data file conversions and more contouring and DTM options, including 50% faster triangulation. Contour labels can mask underlying screen entities for crisper drafting. Double-clicking points on screen now launches the "Edit Point Attributes" command. A "Line by Angle and Distance" feature has been added. The new "2D Align" routine can quickly re-scale and rotate a drawing in one step without impacting elevations. The expanded "3D Viewer Window" feature includes an image inspector that reports elevations of highlighted entities. Users can save to the AutoCAD R14 drawing file to write out to "legacy" formats. Carlson Survey 2006 offers a seamless link with Carlson SurvCE, sharing data files, field-to-finish formats and COGO procedures. The add-on SurvNet Network Least Squares program now covers level loops, GPS and total station raw data. Carlson Survey 2006 requires no external CAD. (Carlson, Maysville, Ky.)