COLUMBUS Version 3.6 features the new Options Library Manager, simplifying project options set-up.

Best-Fit Computing Inc. has released COLUMBUS Network Adjustment Software Version 3.6, featuring the new Options Library Manager. This powerful tool allows you to create and save customized sets of options (setting requirements for instrument types, field procedures, quality of survey, etc.) that can be used for current or future projects. COLUMBUS Version 3.6 also introduces 1D, 2D and 3D point-and-click traversing with redundant observations. With this feature, you are no longer required to group your observations into sets in order to run a traverse. You can also include redundant observations (between station pairs) as part of the forward computations. Simplified usage of Local 2D NE and 3D NE Elevation adjustments allows you to enter your Local NE coordinates (Elevation for 3D) and observations, and then adjust as you would a geodetic network.

Other features include support for large networks (fully tested on simulated networks with up to 45,000 stations and 450,000 observations); dozens of on-screen list views for COGO and Coordinate Transformation results; "Include" file support, allowing you to include all your files from within one master file; support for Network settings in a user-editable format; Geoid03 grid file support; third-party data file conversion tools; plus much more.

A free demo kit and comprehensive feature list are available for download from the Best-Fit Computing website.

Reseller discounts are available; free to educational institutions.

Source: Best-Fit, Oct. 6, 2005