Riegl USA announced the 3D-RiScan Pro software update used in its line of Z-Series 3D laser scanners. This 3D-RiScan Pro version includes the ability to merge scans in 3D while in the field to preview "shadow" areas that may require additional scanning for full coverage. Field users can then identify "shadow" areas and reposition the laser scanner to capture these missing data points. 3D RiScan Pro now handles high-resolution photogrammetric functionality. A high-resolution digital camera is mounted on top of the laser scanner and takes a series of photos covering the field of view of the scan data. 3D-RiScan Pro's project-based system stores these images along with scan data, signal points (reflecting targets) and data used to tie multiple data into a common well-defined coordinate system. The software uses the high-resolution images to texture scan data that represent true orthophotos with depth and coordinate information. When used in conjunction with Riegl's new high-accuracy LMS-Z360 and other Riegl scanners, the 3D-RiScan Pro edge detection and data smoothing processes increase accuracy of merged scans in a project. 3D-RiScan Pro offers smooth data transfer to various post-processing software packages including InnovMetric's PolyWorks and Bentley's Microstation. 3D-RiScan allows the user to embed scan data into a global coordinate system. The 3D-RiScan software uses automatic reflector extraction and auto-merging technologies and also has the ability to construct objects based on point cloud data. (Riegl USA, Orlando, Fla.)