LBX Company LLC, makers of Link-Belt Earthmoving, Forestry and Material Handling Equipment, announced an all-new hydraulic excavator, the 700 LX. Weighing in at 152,600 lbs, the 700 LX fills the gap between the 104,500-lb 460 LX and the 174,000-lb 800 LX. The 700 LX is also available in a mass excavator version which has a working weight of 153,700 lbs.

The 700LX is the first Tier III compliant Link-Belt excavator with a 425 horsepower 6 cylinder Isuzu engine. It is also the first LX machine with a hydraulic drive reversible fan, which provides increased horsepower, quieter operation, and enhanced serviceability by allowing the operator to blow out the coolers from inside the operator's cabin.

The Inte-LX computer control system monitors hydraulic output, pressures and regulates engine performance for the optimum balance of speed, power and fuel efficiency.

The Link-Belt LX Series enables operators to choose the working mode of the excavator. Simply choose the work mode from four selectable work modes to match the machine's output to the job application, or choose Auto-Mode.

Auto-Mode is the most revolutionary approach to balancing power and fuel efficiency available today. Using actual working pressure readings, Inte-LX instantly changes work modes, assuring the best combination of speed and power for efficient fuel utilization.

Four selectable work modes are also available. The selectable working modes are:

  • Heavy Mode - for heavy excavation or whenever maximum power is needed;
  • Standard Mode - for standard digging and loading operations, reducing fuel consumption;
  • Lift Mode - for heavy lifting and other operations that need fingertip accuracy;
  • Allied Attachment Work Mode - automatically adjusts engine speed and pump output to match additional attachments such as hammers. In the Attachment Work Mode, the engine's rpm's are pre-settable to match the hydraulic requirements of the working tool.
Auto Power-Up, a function of the Inte-LX system, allows the machine to quickly respond to changes in operating conditions, automatically supplying a power increase without operator interaction and regardless of the work mode. Hydraulic pressure sensors detect resistance and pressure is increased by 9% for eight seconds. Auto Power-Up stays on 100% of the time in Lift Mode.

Inte-LX features an on-board diagnostic system. allowing service personnel to quickly analyze up to 148 items in four categories: Machine Status, Troubleshooting, History, and Systems Configuration. Inte-LX also has the memory to maintain machine performance records. The self-diagnostic system is displayed on the control panel monitor for easy troubleshooting and monitoring of key excavator functions.

Other features through the Inte-LX system are:

  • A password-protected anti-theft device;
  • One-touch or auto idle control, which automatically drops the engine to idle speed;
  • Idle start-up, which prevents over-revving a cold engine, helping to extend its service life;
  • Low Idle-Up, which increases the idle speed from 900 to 1100 rpm when alternator output is not adequate to keep the battery charged; and,
  • Auto Engine Warm-Up, which operates automatically when started in cold conditions and gradually increases engine speed until a normal engine operating temperature is reached.

      Dependable Isuzu Power
      The 700LX is the first Tier III compliant Link-Belt excavator with a 425 horsepower 6 cylinder Isuzu engine. The Link-Belt LX series excavators are the first excavators to utilize an electronic engine control (EEC) function. By optimizing the level of fuel consumption to match the load, this responsive system assures more efficient use of fuel. Plus, by keeping the engine closer to the target engine speed, less lugging takes place so cycle times are faster and exhaust noise, vibration, and smoke are reduced - making the environment in the cab and around the machine cleaner and quieter.

      Inte-LXTM maintains engine rpm's when load demands change. The new electronic governor responds to changes in operating loads quicker than a mechanical governor. As a result, EEC regulates the amount of fuel accurately and quickly. Low fuel consumption results in high ignition efficiency (cleaner emissions) and low emissions. At high idle, EEC can control engine speed rpm at rated horsepower. This means the engine doesn't overrun, resulting in lower sound levels.

      LX Performance
      The 700 LX is the first LX machine with a hydraulic drive reversible fan, which provides increased horsepower, quieter operation, and enhanced serviceability by allowing the operator to blow out the coolers from inside the operator's cabin.

      The LX Series hydraulic system efficiently delivers power, speed and control when and where it's needed. Fuel consumption and cycle times are more efficient in 90° swing/dump operations compared to conventional models. This is accomplished through reducing system pressure loss; regenerating return oil and providing double pump flow during key operations. Two hydraulic return lines mean faster speed in the system, and reduction of back pressure build-up.

      Auto Power Swing is a patent-pending design that incorporates a selector valve to help maintain attachment and swing flows, resulting in excellent swing and digging forces in side-wall cut operations. In normal digging, when side pressure is not needed, LX sends all of the flow to the attachment - always ensuring the best performance.

      The two-speed boom-lifting and arm-opening function provides the LX series with top-of-its-class lifting speed, especially in simultaneous swing/excavating operations, such as truck loading.

      When operating in difficult travel conditions, the travel motor automatically downshifts from high to low speed for increased tractive effort, and then automatically returns to high speed when travel conditions permit.

      Free Swing allows operators to disengage the swing brake, providing crane-like precision and control when handling loads.

      Swing Cushion is a built-in special cushion valve that greatly reduces the shock and vibration at the end of each swing cycle. In addition to having cushioned cylinders, selectable cushioned attachment control lets operators smooth out attachment movements. A cushion valve in the boom and arm circuits reduces shock loading and vibration during attachment operation.

      Operator's Control Station
      The LX Series features a large, low-noise cab design. The wide cab design provides expanded leg and elbow room. Six silicon filled isolation mounts float the entire cab above the noise and vibration of an already quiet machine, thereby greatly reducing operator fatigue. A large entry door and access width makes entering and exiting the cab a breeze.

      The KAB 515 seat slides independently of the control consoles, ensuring optimal joystick positions at all times. The semi-bucket seat provides firm support and comfort with armrests, adjustable seat suspension, adjustable lumbar support, and durable urethane cushions. The entire platform can then be moved forward or backward for best foot pedal positioning, and the joysticks can be tilted to any of four settings, allowing the operator to work in the most comfortable position. And all LX Series excavators feature a standard-equipment pattern-control changer to easily switch between SAE or TLB controls - making the LX easy for anyone to operate.

      Many machine function switches are concentrated in a panel in clear view and within easy reach of the operator. A large LCD Monitor graphically displays a wide range of operating information such as engine temperature, hydraulic oil temperature, fuel level, travel speed, work mode and engine idle. Additional messages include system/machine warnings and service-due messages in a choice of English or 13 other languages. Backlit illumination ensures displays are always readable - day and night.

      The LX Series cab provides more window space than ever. The operator's "office with a view" has rear and side windows made of LEXAN® Marguard. Standard vandal covers protect the safety glass front windows and stow on top when the machine is working. With built-in washer and intermittent speed control, the wiper keeps windshields clear, whatever the conditions outside may be. The "rise-up" design of the wipers eliminates the need to detach the wipers when opening/closing the front windshield.

      LX provides exceptional cab heating/cooling capabilities with a standard climate control system that automatically regulates the temperature for the operator's comfort. LX Series excavators provide exceptional air circulation for optimum operator comfort. Front-side air outlets and defroster ensure a comfortable operating environment while the open/close type rear window further improves the ventilation.

      The Nephron Filtration System eliminates contaminants of one micron or more in size. This significantly reduces hydraulic system breakdown and maintenance costs under normal usage. Less wear and tear on the hydraulic components means more years of reliable performance.

      A main advantage with the Nephron system is that hydraulic fluid in the LX Series only needs to be changed every 5,000 hours, as opposed to every 2,000 hours for most other excavators, resulting in a significant cost savings. In addition, cleaner oil results in longer life for hydraulic components. Most important in terms of the environment-less frequent oil changes reduces waste contaminants impacting our environment.

      Large wide-opening access doors, centralized lubrication banks on the attachment and "O" ring seals and hydraulic tank breather cap, air conditioner air intake filter, and sealed automotive style wiring harness also make the LX series very accessible and easy to maintain.

      Built to Be Durable
      All Link-Belt LX Series excavators feature long undercarriages that incorporate heavy-duty excavator style components, improving both stability and ground bearing pressure. High torque compact final drives keep the LX going up steep grades and through deep mud. The modified X-style carbody is integrally welded for maximum strength and durability. Built into the X-style carbody is the turntable bearing "tub" which extends down through the top plate and is welded to the bottom and the top of the carbody for increased strength and durability.

      Side frames incorporate a peaked saddle shape and feature large cut-outs on top for reduced dirt build-up. Track adjustment is made easy with standard grease cylinder track adjusters and shock absorbing springs. Track rollers are filled with synthetic oil to reduce heat build up and for long-term reliability. The LX series incorporates strut-type chain links that reduce twisting and hold up to severe point loading when all of the machine weight is transferred through one roller.

      Link-Belt LX Series excavators' heavy-duty booms and arms have internal baffles that provide better strength and durability to withstand torsional loads. Deep and wide box sections of high-yield steel and deep groove welding hold up to high breakout forces, strong lifting capacities and the stresses of allied attachments such as hammers, compactors, shears, grapples and crushers.

      Chrome-plated boom foot and boom-to-arm pins mounted in grease impregnated brass bushings make a durable and long lasting connection at the two highest stress points on the attachment. This also makes it possible to extend the lubrication interval on this type of pin to once every 6 months or 1,000 hours of operation, whichever comes first.

      Source: LBX, Oct. 3, 2005