John Deere machines feature an auto-blade system with GPS.

For crawler dozer owners considering an auto-blade system with global positioning system (GPS) technology, John Deere machines make installation and operation simple.

Auto-blade/GPS systems are in high demand among grading contractors, site developers and road-building contractors. These systems allow a less experienced operator to achieve a more accurate grade--and they can do it much faster than with a traditional blade system. In addition, less base material is required to fill spaces between stones and other paving items when an accurate grade is achieved, substantially reducing cost.

Deere dozer features that provide enhanced GPS compatibility include open power connections in the fuse block that are easy to reach and well protected. Similarly protected hydraulic control valves are the easiest to access in the industry, according to Holmes. Deere machines also provide infinite speed selection when equipped with a GPS system, allowing operators to find the optimum ground speed for their operating conditions.

One strong compatibility point of Deere machines is the hydrostatics system, which allows full power turns through infinite steering arcs. The operator is able to carry material on compound slopes from straight line pushing through varying turns with little disturbance to the ground.

Another significant design benefit of Deere machines is the horizontal C-frame-to-blade-ball-joint mounting. It stays tighter longer than a vertical joint.

Source: John Deere, Dec. 22, 2003