Digital Map Products (DMP) has opened an office in the Seattle area to bring its innovative geospatial software to Seattle-based organizations that rely on geographic information to make informed business decisions. DMP is a developer of high-performance Internet-hosted mapping applications and is cultivating clients among Seattle-based realtors, builders, title companies, utilities and local government agencies.

In support of its Seattle-based sales and marketing objectives, DMP has opened an office and hired key personnel. With 20 years of technology industry and executive sales experience, Jim Kirsila has joined the DMP Seattle-based team as regional manager. Jim will focus on the development of the DMP Seattle-based client roster and will further develop the team in the local area. DMP's Seattle office is located in Bellevue, Wash.

DMP's applications, such as its flagship product CityGIS5, will arm local businesses and agencies with the ability to create and maintain map-based data (such as property record data, parcel dimensions, owner information and pricing) that is current and accurate. DMP's innovative applications put sophisticated geospatial technology at the fingertips of non-technical users while providing a cost effective, easy-to-use and rapidly deployable solution.

The benefit of using DMP's solutions is to preserve significant budget resources and the reduce the risks associated with building and staffing an in-house solution. In the past, the use of GIS technology by many organizations was prohibitive because it required large budgets and expert resources to build custom applications and maintain the data. DMP eliminates these complexities

DMP's model has been validated by more than 100 successful deployments in California alone, and is now offering a complete solution to clients in the Pacific Northwest. DMP plans to leverage the success it has had in the California market with clients such as Southern California MLS, Young Homes, Fieldstone Communities, The City of San Clemente and The City of Dana Point among others.

Source: DMP, March 21, 2005