SECO Manufacturing Company, Incorporated recently introduced a new series of prism poles and GPS rover rods that utilize the strength and non-conductivity of Kevlar.

Lightweight Kevlar is five times stronger than steel, yet is 43% lower in density than fiberglass, which makes it less likely to buckle or crush under pressure. In addition, it is resistant to wear, corrosion, fatigue and flame. Kevlar, best known as the material used in police and military body armor is only available as a component in SECO brand prism poles or rover rods. These new SECO Kevlar poles and GPS rover rods have features similar to the existing SECO carbon fiber equivalents but have the added advantage of being non-conductive.

Surveyors working in areas where electrical wires may cause a hazard will feel the added sense of security knowing that a dry SECO Kevlar pole or GPS rover rod will not conduct electricity.

Source: SECO, April 1, 2005