Carlson Software is pleased to announce that Carlson SurvCADD 2006 is now shipping. Carlson SurvCADD 2006 delivers increased productivity to customers by including over 100 new commands, 300 improved commands and two new modules. Carlson SurvCADD 2006 works with AutoCAD 2006 and previous releases.

New feature highlights include automatic annotation overlap avoidance, check lot reports, create 3d breaklines for ridges and valleys from contours, cut/fill centroid delineation and optimization, quick sections for one step section creation and drawing, real-time road design inspector and draw sewer network profiles with hydraulic and energy grade lines.

The new Takeoff module calculates earthwork quantities for estimating. The new Natural Regrade module employs patented technology to design surfaces for stable drainage.

Carlson SurvCADD 2006 is the latest version of the SurvCADD product line that dates back to 1987.

All customers on the Carlson SurvCADD Maintenance Plan will automatically receive their upgrade to Carlson SurvCADD 2006 in the next few weeks. The Maintenance Plan guarantees the customer will always have the latest version of the software. The cost of the Maintenance Plan is determined by the number of SurvCADD modules the customer owns and is renewable annually.

Source: Carlson, April 14, 2006