Applanix announced the release of its new POSTrack system designed for streamlined airborne direct georeferencing and in-flight task automation. The new system combines the latest integrated Inertial/GPS technology from Applanix with the Flight Management System (FMS) expertise of Track'air B.V. in The Netherlands.

Designed to reduce the operational costs and workload associated with the preparation and implementation of airborne surveys, POSTrack streamlines pre-flight mission planning and in-flight tasks.

In addition to handling the GPS/IMU functions, POSTrack has been configured to automatically control and trigger various airborne sensors to ensure the highest levels of precision. The in-flight automation enables precise flight path guidance and accurate sensor positioning. This translates into optimized airtime over the target area and the most economical and efficient mission capability. The real-time orientation solution generated by the system can be applied to stabilized mounts, such as the Somag GSM3000 and Leica PAV30, achieving unparalleled performance for automatic drift correction and leveling control.

Engineered as a single system, POSTrack is unlike any other IMU/GPS/FMS configuration. The system is comprised of a single-mount, twin module incorporating the POS AV computer system (PCS) and FMS computer system (FCS) using state-of-the-art, real-time embedded computing technology. Control of system is via a ruggedized touch screen pilot display for pilot-only operation, or via a remote operator interface. The system is compact and easily installed on all types of aircraft, without a complicated network of cables and connectors.

Source: Applanix, Oct. 4, 2005