Applanix announced today the launch of its next generation Digital Sensor System, the DSS 322. The new system incorporates a 22 megapixel CCD array, Aerolens custom-manufactured optics, and TruSpectrum technology engineered to maximize the system's capability in generating high-quality color and CIR (color infrared ) digital geospatial imaging products.

The DSS 322 will be showcased at Intergeo 2005 in Dusseldorf, Germany, October 4 - 6. The DSS 322 is a modular, turnkey digital airborne remote sensing system designed to complete all phases of a project life cycle, from initial flight planning, through digital image acquisition to final product output. The system includes a new camera data module and computer firmware, plus enhanced Flight Management software.

The system's new lenses have been specifically designed for Applanix by Carl Zeiss, and are among the first commercial medium-format lenses manufactured solely for airborne applications. They feature a fixed focus and fixed aperture, together with a customized camera adapter that ensures repeatability and stability of calibration. As well as incorporating the custom-made optics, the DSS 322 also features the new Applanix TruSpectrum technology, which produces improved color radiometric accuracy, a very important attribute for image interpretation tasks.

Source: Applanix, Oct. 4, 2005