GiveMePower Corporation announced its PowerCAD CE 5.5 line of mobile/wireless CAD and digital blueprint management software: PowerCAD CE 5.5 Viewer, Power-CAD CE Classic and PowerCAD CE Pro. The software systems feature support for Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition de-vices, including Dell and HP units. PowerCAD CE 5.5 products offer one-button E-mailing from any location for fast communication between the field and office. The Unique XpressUpdate system ensures instant access to the latest program enhancements over the Internet. Also, PowerCAD CE 5.5 makes available enhanced reading and writing of AutoCAD-compatible DWG and DXF files from R12 to R2002 formats; new DWF web-ready file exporting; and enhanced Bluetooth wireless support in the Pro version for improved in-field productivity using optional wireless hardware such as portable lasers and hands-free wireless headsets. (GiveMePower, Calgary, Alberta, Canada)