Professional licensed surveyor registered in three states. Private boundary consultant. Adjunct faculty member. Avid historian. Enticed by challenge. Inspired by prospects of the future. These are words that describe 24-year industry veteran Barry Savage, PLS-your pick for Sam the Surveyor.

In addition to maintaining a private practice for more than 10 years, Barry established the Surveying/GPS/GIS associate of science degree program at Cleveland State Community College in Tennessee, where he has had to withstand many barriers in trying to preserve it. That's pretty noble.

POB's editors have worked with Barry a few times over the years in the creation of articles. Associate Editor Kim Jensen says, "He really cares. He's active. He's someone with a lot of integrity-and that's good for two reasons. First, you won't question his ethics; second, that integrity means that he doesn't just talk the talk. He helped start up an educational program and believes the future of the profession needs attention." She adds: "Oh, and he seems like a surveyor's surveyor. By that I mean that he obviously enjoys the extensive research into intricate boundary issues as well as the field work." I concur, Kim.

So what does this prestige mean for Barry? Well, he's now branded by POB and numerous colleagues as an industry representative. What will he do with this new label?

"I'm not really sure," he says. "I haven't really thought about it. I'm always a tireless promoter of the profession." Indeed. At the time I called Barry to congratulate him on his new recognition, he was writing a letter to his congressman regarding the proper authority surveyors should be granted in terms of mortgage surveys to homebuyers. The week before he had spoken to the students at a middle school about the job of surveying. And in coming weeks, he told me, he had plans to go to the local high schools as well.

It appears that Barry is already fulfilling his role as a stout representative of the surveying profession. Good for you, Barry, and good luck in your endeavors.

Barry's profile will soon be included on the Careers page of the Student News Net website (, an online publication for students of all ages. He'll join greats like the Wright Brothers, Albert Einstein, an engineer and remote sensing researcher, a NOAA research coordinator and the commissioner of the Bureau of Reclamation. Through this avenue, more students will become aware of the opportunities available to them in the surveying field.

Barry's profile will also be added to the new ACSM/NCEES website on the "Meet a Professional Surveyor" link. This new marketing tool is included in the Speaker's Kit on surveying available to state societies and the National Middle School Association. Speaking engagements may be in Barry's future as well as being included in newsletters and other websites. Our goal here at POB is to extend the knowledge and opportunities of the surveying profession, and now we have a "poster child" to assist us in this endeavor. Go Barry!

Surveyor of the Week

The busy posters of created their own campaign back in December: Surveyor of the Week. As this venue continues to grow as a real-time source for advice, pick-me-ups and is a general extension of the profession, it's no surprise that such a promotion of camaraderie would exist. Gene Kooper, an avid poster in Colorado, began the movement with the nomination of J.W. "Jobo" Glidden, a Washington surveyor, who, by the time of this publishing, will most likely have racked up more than 3,200 posts to the board. His profile note reads: "I love this board!"

Reasons why Jobo was chosen? His colleagues note: "His posts are always upbeat and informative," "Mr. JWG is an inspiration to many people," "Jobo always seems to have a kind word to say to others," "Jobo is a good level-headed guy. Has a good sense of humor and a lot of knowledge about survey matters!"

Now that, I say, is the profile of a good surveyor. Other nominees and "winners" on include: Keith Williams, Ian Wilson, Dave Lindell, Loyal Olson, Deral Paulk, Bill Strange, Kent McMillan, Scott Partridge, Frank Willis, Bruce Small and Dan Beardslee. This list is not comprehensive and continuously growing. Join in the fun at every week.

Of Professional Caliber

The recognition of Barry and the community members (as well as the other Sam the Surveyor candidates and numerous other professionals in the industry) prove the caliber of professional sought by their colleagues to lead surveying into the future. Congratulations to our Star Surveyors. May you continue to savor your chosen profession. And may you be joined by those of equal quality.