CartêGraph announced new organizations in Nebraska, Massachusetts, Iowa and Virginia are utilizing its software.

CartêGraph Systems announces new organizations in Nebraska, Massachusetts, Iowa and Virginia have joined the hundreds of other entities utilizing CartêGraph Software to achieve better efficiencies in their organizations.

Blair, NE, purchased WATERview, SEWERview, STORMview, WORKdirector and MAPdirector for ArcGIS. The city will work with CartêGraph and Olsson and Associates out of Omaha, NE, on the implementation and data collection. The city's data will reside in ESRI's ArcGIS geodatabase.

Brookline, MA, chose CartêGraph's WORKdirector, CALLlink, VERSAtools and MAPdirector for ArcGIS. In Phase One the town will implement WORKdirector and VERSAtools for tracking building maintenance. Brookline had spent time planning and strategically thinking about how they could combine their databases into one system. With CartêGraph they can achieve this goal.

Dyersville, IA, will be using CartêGraph's SEWERview, WATERview, WORKdirector and MAPdirector for ArcGIS to accurately understand and maintain the components in their sewer and water systems. With CartêGraph,they will have a better idea of their productivity and also be able to monitor the capital assets for GASB34. In the future, they look to expand to tracking streets and signs with CartêGraph.

Waynesboro, VA, purchased WATERview and MAPdirector for ArcGIS for its Water Department. They plan to use the software to inventory and maintain their water distribution system and integrate the data in GIS. Their first priority is to gather all of the information for water distribution and then migrate into work management.

With CartêGraph software,these cities are finding a better way to serve their constituencies,while maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of their organizations.

Source: CarteGraph, July 11, 2005