TSC2 controller offers increased efficiency, flexibility and versatility in the field and office with wireless operation.

Trimble introduced the TSC2 Controller, an advanced handheld field computer that provides wireless operations in both field and office. Designed for Integrated Surveying solutions using both Global Positioning System (GPS) and optical total stations, the Trimble TSC2 Controller offers surveying, mapping and construction professionals increased efficiency, flexibility and versatility.

Equipped with Microsoft Windows Mobile software for the Pocket PC operating system, the TSC2 controller will run the user's choice of Trimble field software. Users can also add specialized Pocket PC applications to the Microsoft Pocket Messaging (Outlook), Internet Explorer, Word and Excel that come standard to make the TSC2 a powerhouse of field and office functions in one rugged business device.

The TSC2 controller works in conjunction with Trimble GPS survey systems and Trimble total stations. With the use of powerful field software such as Trimble Survey Controller or Tripod Data Systems' (TDS) Survey Pro with Trimble Survey Extensions, the TSC2 controller can be used to collect and manage both GPS and optical data files simply by switching the controller between sensors.

The fully integrated solution provides surveyors with many features that make their job easier. The Trimble TSC2 Controller has a unique changeable cap that enables the use of removable media such as memory cards, GPRS, GPS, camera and product scanning functions, extending data logging capabilities and potentially increasing productivity.

The TSC2 controller's integrated Bluetooth wireless technology eliminates cable hassles and expedites setup. When the TSC2 controller is used with an advanced GPS system, rover use becomes 100 percent cable free, increasing convenience and ease-of-use. An internal 2.4 GHz radio option enables the controller to be easily used with Trimble S6 or Trimble 5600 robotic total stations. And the expandable media function enables full wireless communication to the Internet in the field with the addition of a GSM/GPRS modem.

In the office, data can quickly and easily be transferred over a wireless 802.11 LAN, again eliminating cables and adding convenience. And users in remote locations can use hotspots to quickly and securely share data with the office.

The TSC2 controller also provides USB and serial RS232 communication options; data can be transferred to a PC or another TSC2 controller using a cable, Bluetooth, CompactFlash or SD memory card media.

The vibrant color graphic display allows users to view background maps and check work for greater data control and display; the display is easily viewed in sunlight, and is illuminated for ease-of-use even in low lighting. The TSC2 provides a durable keyboard with oversized keys for the most common functions, and a dedicated key for quick access to common instrument controls. The user interface allows both full alphanumeric keyboard or touch screen options and the ultra-long-life lithium-ion battery provides up to 30 hours of power.

The new controller also offers Trimble's high-quality ruggedness. It operates in extreme temperatures of -30 ºC to +60 ºC (-22 ºF to +140 ºF) and can withstand a pole drop of 1.2 m (3.9 ft) onto a hard surface.

Trimble's TSC2 Controller is now available through the Engineering and Construction Division dealer network.

Source: Trimble, July 18, 2005