Spectra Precision introduced a new cost-effective suite of surveying products to address the conventional survey market. The Spectra Precision survey product line will include GPS, optical total stations and data collection hardware, as well as field and office software. Initial products available from the Spectra Precision survey portfolio include the FOCUS 10 Total Station and the EPOCH 10 L1 GPS System. The FOCUS 10 Total Station is a servomotor-driven, long-range, reflectorless total station that allows surveyors to increase staking speed and measure objects with or without a prism. By including sensor technology, the FOCUS 10 allows the operator to be confident that the signal is coming back from the reflector-not other reflective objects. The EPOCH 10 system integrates a survey-grade L1 GPS receiver with the rugged Spectra Precision Recon Data Collector. The compact and lightweight EPOCH 10 system handles drops, extreme temperatures, dirt, and water. The EPOCH 10 GPS system includes highly accurate GPS technology for control work and other precision survey applications. Tripod Data Systems is the distributor in the U.S. and Puerto Rico for Spectra Precision survey products. More information on Spectra Precision survey products is available at www.tdsway.com/Spectra. (Spectra Precision, Westminster, Colo.)