Leica Geosystems HDS released Cyclone 5.3 software. Cyclone 5.3 streamlines workflows for creating as-built and topographic survey deliverables from data sets captured by high-definition surveys. A new polyline segmentation tool in Cyclone 5.3 enables users to more precisely set boundaries of TIN meshes from scan data. New automation tools allow users to conveniently create useful vertical sections from scan data without requiring an alignment reference, and allow users to automatically place vertices (selected using Cyclone's popular Virtual Surveyor tool) into Cyclone ModelSpaces. Users can now import and export results directly in LandXML format. In addition, Leica System 1200 interoperability allows export of data for stakeout purposes. For scanning, Cyclone 5.3 offers Leica HDS4500 users further increased confidence in data quality via both automated calibration checking using black/white targets and automatic user notification of scheduled calibration. Leica HDS2500, HDS3000 and HDS4500 users can now also choose to segment scan data by distance from the scanner, reducing the risk of using data that is outside formal range specifications. For registration, users can now save steps by automatically adding cloud-to-cloud constraints from an initial registration without having to specify common points or determine which scans overlap. Finally, more options and a friendlier interface have been added to Cyclone's family of tools for cutting point clouds into useful sub-segments.. (Leica Geosystems HDS, San Ramon, Calif.)