General CADD Products Inc. released General CADD Pro Version 3.1.12. This computer-aided drafting and design software features a user-friendly two-letter command structure, complete Windows functionality, a powerful Macro programming language, 32-bit accuracy and compatibility with important CADD file formats. Version 3.1.12 includes four new specific commands to assist in surveyors' tasks, including R/L angle traverses, bearing traverses, side shots, radial stakeouts, setout, line labels, fore bearings and distances, and backsight. Either degrees or gradians/gons and U.S. quadrant or azimuth settings may be used. These setting commands are available through both prompt line input and a Windows dialog. Importing, tracing and scaling of Geo-Tiff images is also supported. A new Surveyor's Corner section has been added online to the General CADD Support forum to assist in the use, explanation and continued expansion of these specific command additions. (General CADD Products, Cherry Valley, N.Y.)