Topcon introduced the new GPT-3000LW reflectorless total station, the HiPer XT GPS System, the GIS module for TopSurv and the FC-2000 field computer.

Topcon introduced the new GPT-3000LW reflectorless total station. The GPT-3000LW combines long prismless measurements (up to 1200 m) with wireless Bluetooth communication. Topcon's dual-optical system allows for maximum measuring accuracy even in adverse atmospheric conditions such as heat shimmer. "Pulse" technology enables the laser to discern between near objects and the distant target, providing accurate measurement in proximity to building corners or through chain link fences. For maximum safety in populated and high-traffic areas, the GPT-3000LW uses a Class 1 spot beam laser. The GPT-3000 series is available in 2, 3, 5 and 7 arc second models. The GPT-3000L offers the same advanced features without the wireless option.

Also, Topcon announced the HiPer XT GPS system for land surveying and construction layout applications. This system features fully integrated receiver/antenna units with a Topcon Positioning Systems long-range UHF radio for up to four-mile coverage. The HiPer XT is based on Topcon's new 112GT GPS system board featuring faster processing, improved multipath mitigation, enhanced power management and up to 128 MB of onboard RAM. It incorporates dual-frequency, dual-constellation RTK GPS+ tracking enabling access to both GPS and GLONASS satellites for less downtime due to limited satellite access or obstructed sky views, and increased precision. Other features of the HiPer XT include an optional integrated external SIM card slot that offers the user a choice of cellular communication services. Integrated Bluetooth technology enables cable-free communication with field computers. Receiver/antenna units are user-configurable and can function as either base or rover. Streamlined, rugged housings provide maximum weather protection for communication ports and internal electronics.

In addition, Topcon now offers a GIS module for the latest version of TopSURV software. Operators using Topcon's survey-grade RTK GPS systems for conventional land survey tasks can now use the same equipment for GIS data collection. The seamless interface and common database enable a smooth and easy transition between the two functions. The extra costs of maintaining a separate submeter antenna, rover and field computer for GIS data collection tasks are eliminated. For surveyors and utility system engineers involved in building GIS systems, TopSURV + GIS allows for collecting location data on existing features and installations. TopSURV + GIS can also be used with mapping-grade systems like Topcon's Map-R, featuring the GMS-200 receiver and MG-A5 antenna. TopSURV + GIS is totally integrated software for field computers combining total station, RTK GPS and GIS mapping capabilities all in one easy-to-operate program.

Finally, Topcon announced the new FC-2000 field computer. Its powerful 400 MHz Intel X-scale processor, Windows CE.NET operating system and built-in 128 MB RAM enable quick response to commands, speeding up field operations. The FC-2000, combined with Topcon's TopSURV field controller software, provides seamless integration of data from total stations to robotics to RTK GPS systems. The FC-2000's full-color display improves visual recognition of commands and functions, and its expanded keyboard enables fast, positive data entry. Wireless communication with GPS and optical systems can be easily added with the insertion of an optional Bluetooth card. The camcorder-style battery can be swapped to a spare, enabling long hours of operation. The FC-2000 is designed with rugged housing and waterproof port/compartment covers. (Top-con, Livermore, Calif.)