DigitalGlobe, provider of the world's highest resolution commercial satellite imagery and geospatial information products, and DMTI Spatial Inc., Canada's leading provider of geospatial products and services, announced the immediate availability of Satellite StreetView. Satellite StreetView is an imagery-mapping solution combining high-quality digital mapping data with the highest resolution satellite imagery commercially available on the market.

This groundbreaking new product combines 60-centimeter resolution QuickBird orthoimagery of entire urban areas with precisely-aligned vector map layers resulting in a real-world depiction of Canadian ground features. The integration of CanMap Streetfiles provides users with street centerline data and address lookup functionality, fully integrated with the imagery. Satellite StreetView is currently available for Toronto, Ottawa, Quebec City and Calgary. Montreal, Vancouver, Hamilton-Niagara, Halifax, Regina, Saskatoon, Windsor, Fredericton and Saint John will be released over the next few months, with many more cities to follow. The imagery is updated annually and the mapping data is updated quarterly.

Satellite StreetView serves many markets - from retailers targeting potential business opportunities by visualizing future markets of growth, to real estate developers seeking potential development areas, or government agencies implementing planning and assessment measures for security, defense and emergency preparedness strategies.

"Satellite StreetView represents a whole new level in geospatial data. Satellite imagery has always been great at showing what is on the ground, but until now it has been difficult to reliably relate the features to other data. Satellite StreetView's combination of orthoimagery integrated with vector mapping provides users with a practical solution that has real-world ground truth, clean data linkages, and a wealth of detail not possible with vector data alone," said Misha Byalik, director, Product Development and Client Services at DMTI Spatial Inc.

Source: DigitalGlobe, June 7, 2005